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New "Barrell" Pick- Stellum Rye

Stellum Single Barrel Rye

$49.99 / 750ml

Just in time for fall a new single barrel pick from the Barrell Craft Spirits family is this release from Stellum Spirits, this time a rye from their Serpens collection. Serpens Selections are made in the Spring and Summer of 2021 at 95% Rye & 5% Barley Malt.

This rye comes in at 115.12 proof and offers a sweet and toasty nose, rich and sweet on the palate, with a well balanced rye spice. Apple and pear are the dominant fruit flavors. A rye this rich and c...

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Another New Barrel Pick- Penelope

Penelope Barrel Strength Store Pick

$59.99 / 750ml

Another bourbon offering this time from Penelope bourbon. Me, Rick, and Chad had a chance to visit their facility and blend a bourbon back in May. A blend of three bourbons 28% high corn, 37% high rye, and 35% high wheat. 4-5 year old whiskey, non chill-filtered and 117 proof this whiskey is down right tasty. This one hits all the marks rich, sweet, a touch of spice, and a great price of $59.99

-Erik Ostrand, Liquor Manager

New Bourbon "Barrell" Pick!

Barrell Craft Spirits Single Barrel Bourbon

$94.99 / 750ml

A few weeks back we were fortunate enough to meet and taste with the folks from Barrell Craft Spirits. We had various barrel samples that we tried and one really caught our attention. With that said, I’d like to introduce our newest single barrel offering.

Barrell Bourbon Single Barrel (KY Z4A6) is an undisclosed Kentucky bourbon, 8 years of age, at 117.66 proof with a yield of 201 bottles. Rick, Joe, and I instantly fell in love with this...

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Erik's Cocktail of the Week

The Daiquiri

Most often when we hear the word Daiquiri we think of a frozen drink that is fruit flavored, garnished with a pineapple, straw, and umbrella. In reality the Daiquiri is much simpler only containing 3 ingredients and would be considered a basic sour style cocktail. Simple, tart, and refreshing, the “Classic Daiquiri” has regained popularity in recent years. Being one of my favorite cocktails I wanted to set the record straight and include a recipe, but first….

A brief history of “The D...

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New Barrel Pick- Smooth Ambler Old Scout

Smooth Ambler Old Scout $49.99

John Little founded Smooth Ambler some number of years ago to provide employment opportunities for his fellow West Virginians. They didn’t just set out to make award winning whiskey. They also set out to create a source of pride for West Virginians everywhere.

To embrace the best of everything around them - the land, the people, and the resources – to create a business that would make a difference by providing opportunities for the people in their community.

Not too l...

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Interesting Article About the Words We Use to Describe Wine

This article by Sarah Heller, MW has many valid points about the way our industry professionals describe their thoughts and impressions about a wine.  It also explains why we at State Line Liquors like to ask you so many questions about what you prefer or seek when assisting you with your purchase!

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