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Piraat Ale 750ml Bottle
SKU: 01560

Piraat Ale

750ml Bottle

Available for:
Category Amber Ale
Region Belgium
Brand Piraat
Alcohol/vol 10.5%
Amber colored beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle or in the keg. A strong beer like the Piraat has been brewed for a thousand years to be taken out to sea. The Vikings in particular were well acquainted with this type of potent beer. Piraat has a high nutritional value, keeps well for years and strengthens the body and morale of pirates and other seafarers. It is a healthy energy booster. Piraat is excellent with both meat and fish dishes, or can simply be enjoyed as a relaxing drink, alone or together with friends. Piraat is also enjoyed as a delicious beer with which to finish a tasty meal. Cigar smokers swear that there is no better beer to enjoy together with a good cigar.

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