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Burnett's Cranberry Vodka 1.75L Plastic Bottle
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Burnett's Cranberry Vodka

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1.75L Plastic Bottle

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Category Flavored Vodka
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Burnett's
Alcohol/vol 35%
Proof 70.00
Enjoy the robust tartness of cranberry with Burnett's Cranberry Vodka. All-natural cranberry flavor balances your favorite drink.
Wine Enthusiast
  • we85-89

The cranberry burst in the opening nosings makes my head snap back; aeration does nothing to tone down the irrepressibly fruity and ripe bouquet. Palate entry features truckloads of ripe, slightly metallic cranberry taste and nothing else; midpalate the cranberry flavor calms down. Finishes fairly well and fruity. Best Buy. - P.P.

June 2006

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